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About Us

Talent Infrastructure for the Future of Work

Technology and automation will create 15 million new jobs over the next ten years. But this will not be enough to offset the 25 million jobs expected to disappear. The best companies will adapt as this creative destruction resets the labor market. Job security is off the table, but they will find new ways to motivate and engage their employees. A dynamic career environment will be a key driver of their employment brand.

Meanwhile, millions of talented people will join online talent platforms. They will use them as a way to keep a pulse on new opportunities. They will enjoy the autonomy these platforms provide. Demand for their attention will grow as the Skills Gap widens. They will refuse to settle for anything less than meaningful work. And these platforms will help them find it.

That is where we come in. Groove is a new way for companies to find and connect with talented people…Talent Infrastructure for the Future of Work.

Meet Our Team

  • Michael Fritz

    Michael Fritz

    Founder & CEO

  • John Drago

    John Drago

    Co-Founder & Engineering Lead

  • Rico Petrillo

    Rico Petrillo

    Founding Investor

  • Tom Keiser

    Tom Keiser


  • Aanand Varanasi

    Aanand Varanasi


  • Steve King

    Steve King


  • Pete Fishman

    Pete Fishman


  • John Bailey

    John Bailey


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