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About Us

We're Building The Workforce Of The Future

Disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees in today’s workforce at a rate of nearly 2 to 1. Employee disengagement costs the US economy up to $500 billion per year and engagement levels at work are strongly linked to emotional and physical wellbeing. This affects all of us. And we want to help.

At Groove, we are developing a platform to give companies and talented people a discreet new way to connect. By better aligning work with workers’ skills and interests, shortening the search time between projects, and providing compelling alternatives to traditional full-time positions, Groove is ushering in a new era of employee engagement.

Meet Our Team

  • Michael Fritz

    Michael Fritz

    Founder & CEO

  • John Drago

    John Drago


  • Jana Styblova

    Jana Styblova


  • Tom Heffernan

    Tom Heffernan

    Business Development

  • Rico Petrillo

    Rico Petrillo

    Founding Investor

  • Tom Keiser

    Tom Keiser


  • Aanand Varanasi

    Aanand Varanasi


  • Joe Marks

    Joe Marks


  • Pete Fishman

    Pete Fishman


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